What is Zarephath Books?

It’s a small imprint run by author Anne Mateer. The debut publication will be Anne’s novella No Small Storm. (Due out lateĀ August 2017.)

Why Zarephath?

Zarephath is the name of a place found in the Old Testament book of I Kings, chapter 17, in a story about Elijah, a prophet of God, and a widow. The name Zarephath means “smelting shop, a place for the smelting and refining of metals.” So Zarephath was a place of refinement. It was also a place of provision (the woman’s flour and oil were not exhausted until the drought ended), of faith (Elijah asked for God to restore the widow’s dead son), of life (the widow’s son was raised from the dead), and of truth (the woman believed that the Word of the Lord was truth).

By choosing Zarephath as the imprint, Anne declares that this publishing journey is a refining place. A place of seeking God’s provision. Of leaning on faith. Of the hope of new life. And where God’s truth will be on display in the pages of story.